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“The Modern Retro” is an oxymoron, signifying this endless design cycle that will ultimately drive our future. This cycle is nonstop: a modernized version of the past is just the present, and the present is just a moment in time discarded as we move towards our future. The process is happing every second of the day, and it cannot be contained, only observed and then influenced. The design of the logo reflects my love of opposing styles: rigid vs flowing, and conservative vs liberal. “The Modern” is Helvetica text which is stern, refined, and practical. This is contrasted by “Retro” which is illustrated as hand scripted, plush, and leaning forward in an active stance. Earlier processes where influenced by sneakers, hip hop music, and electronic product design from the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

An Image of The Modern Retro Logo
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