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Since 1997 Sticky Grafix, LLC has been providing the Upstate with quality graphics for business and personal use. They do anything and everything from personal vehicles to fleet graphics, boats, half wraps, signs, and banners. The owner, Thomas Wishon, is a man of many talents and a guru of wrap application. A client approached Thomas with a unique request to make their Master Craft Boat look like it was draped in Affliction Street Wear. To help Thomas and Sticky Grafix with this process, I designed a layout that was heavily influenced by the idea of a “Gothic Ocean.” The rear of the boat is anchored by the presence of a large Skull while the front features an Angelic Wing. In-between these two elements are a swirling array of black, white, gray, and tan floral décor with underlining halftones and abstract patterns. The overall layout was designed to promote a sense of motion and is mirrored on the opposite side of the boat. Finally, the client requested that the MasterCraft logo be illustrated in a red metallic, or shiny graphical treatment, and added to the layout. (All work was designed while employed with Velocity Printing).

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