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Beija-Flor has become a well known and recognized brand in the upstate and across the country for its female tailored jeans. Eager to dive into the men’s line of stylish jean design, the Beija-Flor team came up with an emotional and tactical approach to men’s denim and proclaimed it “RYE”. With a branding emphasis on the grain used in rye whiskey and beer, Rye Jeans embraces ingenuity, rugged individualism, urban adventure, and intellectual curiosity. The mother and daughter partnership of Beija-Flor approached me to create a visual statement for their future endeavor that would include a logo, hang tag, and detailing for a pair of jeans. For the logo, a simple and minimal whiskey barrel design was developed by illustrating the metal rings of the barrel with grey curved arcs, while the barrel itself was illustrated by the negative space. The grey is complimented by the red “RYE” text above and framed at the bottom by “jeans” in black. Overall, the logo is simple enough to be used across all medians and will be recognizable when embroidered on denim.

An Image of The Modern Retro Logo
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