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MCNC (Microelectronics Center of North Carolina) is a technology non-profit that builds, owns, and operates a leading-edge broadband infrastructure for North Carolina’s research, education, non-profit healthcare, and other community institutions. For more than 30 years, MCNC has operated a robust, secure, exclusive communications network that has connected institutions of the University of North Carolina System, Duke University, and Wake Forest University to each other, and through advanced research networks such as Internet2 and National Lambda Rail, to the world. NCREN, operated by the non-profit organization MCNC, is one of the nation's first statewide education and research networks. It provides broadband communications technology services and support to K-12 school districts, higher education campuses and academic research institutions across North Carolina. MCNC’s annual customer conference, NCREN Community Day, attracts members from every sector they serve to discuss the latest innovations and initiatives in networking technologies and connectivity services while celebrating the achievements of our community. NGC Communications, a client of MCNC, contacted The Modern Retro to explore an alternative Graphic/Logo for the 2016 event. The challenge of the assignment was trying to describe “Internet Technologies” and “Community” in a single image. My proposal included a hand shaking with another hand that is composed of circuitry, or with elements of a motherboard. The second proposal depicted abstract figures holding an ethernet cable within the shape of North Carolina. The cable is illustrated as unconnected to symbolize “the need to connect.” Ultimately these designs were not chosen, but the selected graphic was similar in nature.

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