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Kenny Cain is the owner of a small business in upstate South Carolina that he calls K &J Small Grading. Apart from a name, Kenny had no branding for his business but wanted to be able to hand out Business Cards and display Yard Signs (24 Inch X 18 Inch) throughout the community. Beyond the request of having an image of a New Holland skid-steer and the color orange, I had very little to work with. To remedy this situation, I developed a very simple logo for “K&J Small Grading” and created a one-color graphic of a New Holland skid-steer. A graphical layout was created that featured the black skid-steer illustration over an orange background. A white negative space was then used to illustrate a mound of dirt. Finally, the K&J logo was placed inside the dirt mound. This illustration was repeated for the Yard Sign and gave the client some brand continuity with his printed material. There were brief studies to develop the K & J Logo to look more like a skid-steer, but time and a very limited budget constrained this exploration. (All work was designed while employed with Velocity Printing).

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