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FAVOR provides an innovative response to the suffering caused by addiction for over 5,000 new individuals in Upstate South Carolina each year. Its work is part of a national recovery advocacy movement whose vision is to provide people affected by substance use disorders with access to the support they need to achieve and maintain long-term recovery. To help fund their nonprofit organization, FAVOR has initiated the FAVOR FOREVER Campaign to sustain their work with recovery and help surrounding communities be a better place. This top tier level of contribution and giving is symbolized throughout FAVOR and FAVOR social events with its own logo and branding. The Modern Retro was asked by FAVOR to redesign this logo. There was extensive research conducted on "social circle logos" and most of what was demonstrated was clumsy, cliché, and generic. The first obstacle to overcome was the FAVOR logo itself. The FAVOR Logo, at its core, is the word "favor" illustrated in the “Impact” font. While there is beauty in its' simplicity, the minimal form means that any kind of alternative version, or use in a sub setting (like FAVOR Forever), means that the final form should be equal to or less than the original. The FAVOR Forever Logo should not compete with the FAVOR logo, but instead, be an extension of, or an enhancement of its parent form. Through conversations with FAVOR, I gathered that there should be a graphical cue with the circle that indicates that "something" is happening, or a message is being symbolized, as opposed to just a circle (like the original). The visual cue in the circle ended up being a break in the circle itself. The beginning is the trail end of what is a "swooshy" curved line that leads up to a heart. I was wanting FAVOR to feel like it was being circled, or maybe an indication of a cycle. Either way, the result has a sense of motion while tying the overall form into a more compact presentation.

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