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FAVOR provides an innovative response to the suffering caused by addiction for over 5,000 new individuals in Upstate South Carolina each year. Its work is part of a national recovery advocacy movement whose vision is to provide people affected by substance use disorders with access to the support they need to achieve and maintain long-term recovery. The Modern Retro has been working with FAVOR Greenville on several different projects to help promote their message through effective graphic communication. Some notable assignments include the following: redesigning their General Brochure, creating a full-page advertisement for Town Magazine, condensing information from older material for a new Website layout proposal, a Christmas Card layout, updating their Letterhead layout, and creating layouts for Email Invites to promote their social events. The fundamental formula for presenting all FAVOR information in a graphical setting is to not compete against the existing FAVOR Logo and Branding, but instead enhance it with complementary colors and fonts. The intensity of those stylings is dictated by the nature of the project type. With the General Brochure, the central idea of the graphical layout is to generate excitement at the possibility for a better life for those who are seeking help. This sense of excitement is reinforced by using the FAVOR Logo and colors in a dominating off-axis treatment behind the main body of information. This setting also communicates to the reader that they are reading a different section of the FAVOR campaign: Rebuilding Lives, Healing Families, and Changing the World. The Town Magazine Advertisement has a different approach to presentation because of a smaller time frame of attention for the reader and the message being delivered. With a limited opportunity for engagement, the reader is introduced to pictures of real life individuals, as opposed to stock images, who are involved with, or have been affected by FAVOR. The text: “FAVOR Greenville celebrates multiple pathways to recovery” overlaps the photos to make a more local and personal impact to entice the reader to seek out more information.

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