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Nathan Dotson is Contractor in Piedmont, SC specializing in construction and renovation. The client did not have any kind of graphical presence, or branding, for his business and needed a Logo as well as a Business Card to gain exposure within the community. There were no requirements or restrictions for this project. After many graphical studies, the client selected a concept that illustrated the letters “DCR” divided by two nails and anchored by the top silhouette of a hammer. This logo can be presented in this minimal fashion, or with the text “Dotson Construction & Renovation” circling around, or listed beside it. This minimal style will work with any kind of color treatment and function on various material applications (e.g. embroidery). (All work was designed while employed with Velocity Printing).

An Image of The Modern Retro Logo
Designed and constructed by The Modern Retro, LLC

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