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Camp Joy, located in Whitewater, Wisconsin, is a year-round ministry that offers a multitude of camps, conferences, and retreats for all ages and is dedicated to serving as an extension of local churches. The camp motto is “Fun with a Purpose,” and they boast an outstanding facility that offers over 65 different recreational activities on 65 acres and a 650-acre lake. Every year the Summer Camps operate under a different theme to help promote new and creative activities within the camp. Camp Joy requested graphical proposals for the African Survivor, Scottish Highlands, Tropical Tempest, and Western Rails themes that could be incorporated into a camp brochure. Ultimately, they chose the African Survivor theme and the graphical proposal was developed further into a 11 Inch X 8.5 Inch one-page folded brochure. The client also requested separate, reusable design for a 33 Inch X 81 Inch vertical banner for displaying at trade shows. The background of the banner features a custom design depicting a lakeside scene. (All work was designed while employed with Velocity Printing).

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