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Buzz & Grow helps companies discover the best ways to get new customers. They develop marketing programs that nurture & grow those relationships into lifetime customers. The Buzz & Grow focus is on cost-effective, results-driven marketing programs customized specifically for any type of business & developed with the ideal customer in mind. Vickie Fowler, the CEO of Buzz & Grow, requested a new logo that would feature a Bee, along with an image of a Hive, or some illustration of “Bees Growing”. The client provided many examples of this kind of imagery and asked for the logo to work with a teal color scheme. From the client provided material, I was drawn to the hexagon forms because it signified a hive, or the beginning of a hive, without having to depict imagery at a larger scale. The hexagons also allowed for these “cells” to be illustrated as filled or empty. The final form of the logo was similar to the client provided material, but with a more structured and well defined from that would also function in a basic black and white color scheme. Several studies were conducted for different font styles and graphic placement, but ultimately the client chose to center “Buzz & Grow” in a broad font underneath the Bee and Hive logo. A Business Card was also designed and featured the hexagons from the logo as a repeating pattern to extend the overall graphical brand. (All work was designed while employed with Velocity Printing).

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