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Boxmo believes in the power of branding-your branding. Your name and logo is your corporate identity. Whether you’re trying to stand out from your competition or make a lasting impression of your company’s brand, Boxmo can help. From a basic text to a full color photo or detailed logo, Boxmo has the very latest digital technology to help convey a powerful presence in the marketplace. Even though Boxmo is an online business, they are staffed by real people who will answer the phone and reply to your questions in a friendly and professional manner. To help promote their services, Boxmo requested an 8 Foot X 8 Foot Banner and 6 Foot Tablecloth, as well as Business Cards for displaying and distribution at various trade shows. They also emphasized the importance of communicating the ability to print any kind of graphics on their boxes. The Boxmo brand consist of their “Badge” logo and the more conservative “Text” logo, leaving very little to work with for the 8 Foot Banner. To fill the vast amount of empty space, I decided to use their Badge logo at a very large scale. I then surrounded it with an illustration of flying “liquid” composed of various color. The liquid color display, along with the tan colored background, is meant to symbolize, or suggest, ink on a cardboard box. The result is an image that is colorful, and suggestive of their capabilities. The graphic was also illustrated on the front of the Boxmo Business Card design. I created the icons illustrated above “select a box, customize it, get it delivered” to help graphically communicate the Boxmo three-step process. These icons were also incorporated in the Business Card and Tablecloth layouts. (All work was designed while employed with Velocity Printing).

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