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Vicary Management Group (VMG), LLC is a consulting company located in Greenville, South Carolina that provides proven best practices to businesses and organizations. Bill Vicary is the founder and president of VMG; has more than 25 years of proven business experience. He started his career as a degreed engineer, and then successfully transitioned his to sales and marketing. Resulting in a strong combination of hands-on business aptitude, financial acumen, and technical background with the ability to sell and market. Bill is very strategic, entrepreneurial, passionate about people and their business, building relationships and a drive for making a positive impact with people in their communities. One unique provision that VMG offers is a Home Management Service for Seniors called “Just Call Bill!” This service encourages independence while being an advocate for the seniors. Bill asked me to develop a new identity for “Just Call Bill!” that would be separate from the Vicary Management Group identity. He also asked for a Tri-Fold layout to help promote his services. The “Just Call Bill!” identity features red italicized text with a white stroke placed over a blue starburst background, but the most iconic piece of the illustration is the requested “1950’s caricature” of Bill himself. (All work was designed while employed with Velocity Printing)

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