Looking for that creative spark? Right now, The Modern Retro is just one designer, a fearless approach to design, and you… the client. I will design for almost any request, such as logos, business cards, posters, brand identity, architectural plans, and even t-shirts. With a singularity in production, I offer direct communication to the design process with an opportunity for you to voice your opinions without having to deal with middle man management and the potential loss of communication. In the future, it is my vision to expand into a partnership, but keeping business small and approachable will always be my focus. Want to know more about me? Want to collaborate? Lets have a cup of coffee and you can hear all about it. Normal business hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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All relationships in life are predicated on the existence and well-being of communication. This could not be truer of the relationship between a designer and his/her client. Without a foundation of clear understanding, a designer is left in a world of futility. Rigorous training in architecture has given me the skills needed to both problem-solve and design, but more importantly, it has taught me that such skills are obsolete without intuitive insight for the client’s needs. It is only through collaboration and thoughtful analysis that an intelligent design can be created.

As a designer, I try to stay responsive to a changing landscape, and maintain a keen sense of observation – particularly when it comes to seeing how people operate and function within the identity of an organization and how that organization communicates with the world. This progression of interaction, and observation of work flow, is my standard by which I problem solve and workout a design. No task is left without careful decision making and a surgical like approach, be it extensive or bare minimal. It does not matter if I am commanding the brand, or acting as a cog within it, my attention to detail, communication skills, and work ethic stays the same.

A graphic of The Modern Retro logo


I chose The Modern Retro from my own personal gravitation of design influences that stem from both the past and the present. “The Modern Retro” is an oxymoron, signifying this endless design cycle that will ultimately drive our future. This cycle is nonstop: a modernized version of the past is just the present, and the present is just a moment in time discarded as we move towards our future. The process is happening every second of the day, and it cannot be contained, only observed and then influenced. The design of the logo reflects my love of opposing styles: rigid vs flowing, and conservative vs liberal. “The Modern” is Helvetica text which is stern, refined, and practical. This is contrasted by “Retro” which is illustrated as hand scripted, plush, and leaning forward in an active stance. Earlier processes where influenced by sneakers, hip hop music, and electronic product design from the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Thank you for visiting The Modern Retro!

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